f-Acupuncture Acupuncture is an ancient technique used in Chinese Medicine to bring about profound changes in a person’s health and wellbeing. Because acupuncture stimulates the body’s self-healing mechanisms, patients feel an overall improvement in health, not just symptom relief. Along with good nutrition, it is the best preventive medicine available.

Acupuncture affects every major system in the body and has been used clinically for over 5,000 years. It is used to treat a variety of health conditions including pain, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

Acupuncture involves the use of disposable, sterile, superfine needles (about the diameter of a human hair). They are not comparable to hypodermic needles which are thick, hollow and painful. Acupuncture needles are used only once and immediately disposed of after treatment.

To insert the needles, I use a gentle technique. Generally patients feel a slight tap, prick or nothing at all when the needles penetrate the skin. Depending on the location of the needle, sometimes a stronger sensation is temporarily experienced. While administering the needles, I monitor the patient to ensure that he/she is comfortable and relaxed.

After the needles are inserted, it is common for patients to experience a feeling of euphoria and/or deep relaxation. This state is desirable and helps to facilitate the healing process. Patients may feel a variety of sensations, depending on the location of the needles. For example, you may feel warmth, pressure, heaviness, distention, or a dull soreness or achiness around the site of the needles. You may feel emotional. You may even feel a sensation of water trickling through part of your body. Any and all of these sensations are normal and are simply indications that your nervous system is responding favorably to the treatment.