Office-Yoga Prior to starting my Chinese Medicine practice, I was the Director of Human Resources for a global corporation based in San Francisco. As a generalist in the field, I had an insider’s perspective on the costs associated with workplace stress and the unhealthy risk behaviors (e.g., smoking, overworking, alcohol and drug abuse, and poor eating habits) that employees use to cope with such stress.

Increasing healthcare costs are burdensome for employees and organizations. I am passionate about creating healthier work environments, as healthy employees mean healthier organizations and reduced healthcare costs for all. To achieve this outcome, I offer custom Acupuncture programs and lunch-time health presentations for corporations and small businesses.

Acupuncture is one of the fastest growing healthcare treatments in the West. It is recognized by the World Health Organization as effective in treating a variety of conditions.

By stimulating the body’s own natural healing mechanisms, acupuncture boosts immunity, releases muscular tension and increases energy levels. It creates a sense of emotional well-being and balance. Acupuncture is used to relieve cravings (e.g., food, alcohol, nicotine and other drugs) and pain. It is particularly well suited for augmenting an existing Health and Wellness program, or used as a standalone to:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Improve employee morale

My custom programs are results-oriented, linking employee health and wellness to your company’s needs and strategic priorities. For more information please contact me.