Patient Assessment


Upon your first and subsequent visits I will ask you a series of questions to evaluate your health and current medical condition. I will palpate certain points on your body, including your radial pulses. I will also look at the color, texture, shape and coating on your tongue. This assessment process will provide me with important information about the state of your internal organs and health in general.

Treatment Plan

After reviewing your paperwork and assessing your overall health, I will design a treatment plan which may include Acupuncture along with one or more of the following treatment modalities: Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Counseling and Lifestyle Recommendations. You can expect to receive a treatment on the day of your first appointment. All treatment plans are designed specifically for the unique constitutional characteristics of each patient. As such, individual treatment plans will naturally change over time to reflect changes in your overall health.

Chronic vs. Acute

Generally speaking, most patients experience positive changes in their health either immediately or within the first three treatments. However, marked changes in health may take longer depending on the overall condition of the patient. Patients with acute conditions generally respond faster than those with chronic conditions.