Pain Management

I have seen Sandy for a variety of painful conditions, including arthritis in my knees, low back pain and sciatica. I have gotten excellent results from working with Sandy – most especially the pain I had from sciatica. For five years I had constant shooting pain down my leg which was worse when sitting. I had seen a chiropractor prior to seeing Sandy but only got temporary results. After three sessions the pain was gone. It was amazing! I now see her once a month because regular acupuncture has made me feel healthier. ~SJB

General Health and Wellness

Sandy combines her knowledge of diet, herbs, acupuncture, Qi Gong and more to provide a comprehensive approach to medicine that really works. A session with Sandy is treatment, learning and genuine care all wrapped together. With Sandy’s help, I’ve made simple but meaningful adjustments to my diet, added a quick, effective Qi Gong practice to my daily routine, eliminated 8 dietary supplements in favor of two herbs and have benefitted from the amazing benefits of regular acupuncture. I really appreciate how Sandy helps me make easy, incremental steps in own practice of wellness, and in addition to her skilled professional care, provides the encouragement and care that brings it all together. I would recommend Sandy to anyone who wants to heal, feel better and engage in a healthier lifestyle. ~BH


As soon as I feel a cold coming on, I go to Sandy for treatment. When I do that, I am good as new in three or four days (instead of the month it used to take) and I don’t get the bronchitis that used to always follow my colds. Also, Sandy helped me through a really nasty asthma attack brought on by a cat allergy. The acupuncture gave me great relief almost instantly. ~RHL

Weight Control

Sandy helped me take control over my tendencies to overeat. She was able to offer me herbal supplements and nutritional advice. She was very knowledgeable about my gastrointestinal problems. She helped me modify my diet to alleviate my stomachaches and help me lose weight. The acupuncture also helped to reduce my cravings for sweets. ~RG


For years I suffered with terrible insomnia. After just a couple of weeks working with Sandra, I noticed an improvement. After two months of treatment, I now sleep well most every night. I am relieved that I am no longer dependent on sleeping pills. ~TD

Irregular Periods, PMS

I met Sandy at Berkeley Primary Care. She treated me for irregular periods and PMS (I used to get really edgy and moody before my period). Over the course of a couple of months, my periods became regular and I felt much calmer. Even my boyfriend noticed that I seemed much happier. Working with Sandy has been great. ~AP


Thank you Sandra for helping me with my hot flashes and anxiety! I feel so much calmer and more centered in my body. I love working with you! ~JP

Drug and Sugar Addiction

I have worked with Sandy since she was a student at AIMC. She has helped me overcome my addiction to narcotics and sugar. I always feel so calm and stress-free after being treated by her. When I’m on her table, I feel like I’m in a sacred healing space. ~CH


I came to see Sandy Ludlow when I was trying to wean myself off of medication for anxiety and depression. I had been on medication for five years and when I tried to cut back on it, my anxiety and depression would return. Through acupuncture and herbal therapy, Sandy helped me to get off the medication for good, and my overall state of well-being improved. I also really like Sandy’s office space, which is very pleasing to the eye. ~JHB

Headaches, Digestive Disorders, Facial Rejuvenation, Tendonitis

My husband and I highly recommend Sandra Ludlow. I sought treatment for several ailments, all of which have subsided or lessened greatly. I used to wake up with headaches often, and now after receiving acupuncture, I no longer have any headaches. Furthermore, I had an odd ache in my side especially when hungry. Ms. Ludlow reviewed diet and nutrition with me, and administered acupuncture. I have not experienced any ache in a while. I have also received facial rejuvenation treatments, and I have received comments, such as “You are looking younger and younger.” For my husband, Ms. Ludlow treated tendonitis around his elbow. He says that he has not been this pain free for many months. Before seeing Ms. Ludlow, he tried various methods recommended by his primary doctor such as ice packs, but that seemed to only exacerbate the problem. Ms. Ludlow has a very relaxing and calming manner. She works with the highest level of skill and integrity. I now look forward to breaking up my stressful days with an acupuncture appointment. Afterwards, I work so much smoother, as if my whole mind and body have cleared the way for more challenges that the work day brings. ~PT

Pain Management

I highly recommend Sandra Ludlow. When I came to see her I had chronic pain all along the left side of my body, especially in my neck. I had had this pain for eight years. It was especially excruciating at night. I saw a chiropractor several times but was not getting better. I finally decided to see Sandy and give acupuncture a try. The immediate results were surprising. The tension in my neck, which was the worst pain, all but disappeared after a few treatments. I also noticed a big improvement in my stress level. Sandy’s use of acupuncture and herbal medicine not only alleviated my pain but helped to improve my health overall. ~NS